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Thermon serves the global Energy, Power Generation and Chemical markets to provide innovative solutions for industrial heating applications by deeply understanding our customers’ needs. We specialize in providing complete flow assurance, process heating, temperature maintenance, freeze protection and environmental monitoring solutions.

WORLD TRADE INDUSTRY is the professional distributor of electrical production. The main activities is the organization of deliveries for the Kazakhstan oil and gas market, and also design in the sphere of industrial infrastructure.

In satisfaction of needs of the Customer for a full complete set of industrial and commercial facilities of WORLD TRADE INDUSTRY regularly updates a range of the delivered equipment of the leading global manufacturers that gives additional benefit at the choice of WORLD TRADE INDUSTRY as potential supplier.



We are striving for better combination of product quality and price and efficiency of the performed work. To supply only good quality equipment and be subject matter experts is the mission of WORLD TRADE INDUSTRY.



Core Principles

  • Continuous improvement of the supplied product quality.
  • Complex supply of the ordered equipment in full concordance with the stipulated schedule.
  • Flexible pricing that allows finding acceptable prices for products when entering delivery contracts.


WORLD TRADE INDUSTRY employees are qualified specialists many of them were certified by world leading producers and have significant growth in their subject. The Company employees also do regular internship at our partners’ sites it helps to be aware of all applied processes. This kind of approach in work allows keeping interest in participation in individual technical tasks and provides readiness to take part in development of potential solutions for long-term engineering projects.

WORLD TRADE INDUSTRY employees solve all issues as soon as practicable, properly performing given tasks. We also use not only our experience in supplies and engineering but also experience of our partners and equipment manufacturers.

WORLD TRADE INDUSTRY conducts annual seminars for our customers’ representatives in order to introduce our products and improve skills.

Not only WORLD TRADE INDUSTRY engineers attend our seminars and participate in discussions, but also Manufacturer representatives do.

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55 Aitike Bi st., Atyrau, Republic of Kazakhstan, 060011, River Palace Hotel, fl. 5
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