The chemical and petrochemical industries provide everything from the plastic in children’s car seats to the life-saving pharmaceutical drugs and they all rely on continuous operation and zero downtime.


  • Volatile products with specific heating requirements to avoid process flow interruption
  • Poor quality fluids and gases that lead to process inefficiency and increased maintenance
  • Separate control systems and manual maintenance
  • Hazardous areas with dangerous atmospheres
  • Cold climate issues related to personnel safety and infrastructure



Thermon provides safe and reliable heating solutions to this growing market at the lowest total cost of ownership.

  • Advanced control and heating optimization using the best product at the highest efficiency whether it is heat tracing, immersion heating, or external line heating in hazardous environments
  • Process fuel and gas conditioning skids custom engineered to exact specification to increase life of the plant
  • Advanced controls technology with remote access and IoT product monitoring with panels and all accessories
  • Explosion proof products rated for the most extreme and dangerous places through internationally recognized organizations
  • Freeze protection of piping, tanks, and space/comfort heating for personnel protection


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