Oil & Gas

As the globe continues to transition to cleaner fuel sources, we work with the world’s largest end users and engineering contractors to provide energy efficient designs and reduce the carbon footprint for generations to come.


  • Lack of skilled workers and subject matter experts
  • Flow assurance issues with product viscosity and matter phase
  • Separate control systems and manual maintenance
  • Hazardous areas with dangerous atmospheres
  • Cold climate issues related to personnel safety and infrastructure



Thermon provides advanced heating and filtration solutions to the oil and gas industry across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors related to production, processing, storage, and distribution.

  • Dedicated engineering and technical support located globally
  • Process maintenance and freeze protection with process heaters and heat tracing products
  • Advanced controls technology with remote access and IoT product monitoring with panels and all accessories
  • Explosion proof products rated for the most extreme and dangerous places through internationally recognized organizations
  • Freeze protection of piping, tanks, and space/comfort heating for personnel protection


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